• 2019-03-17
  • TKM College Of Engineering
  • Technical,Educative

The Chatbot workshop was conducted on 17th March as a pre-event of Hestia'19. It was taken by Dhanya Sreekumar and Megha V.S, third year EC students, at TKM College Of Engineering,Kollam.

The workshop focused on creating a chatbot using dialogflow, and the host Dhanya , had an experience creating a chatbot for GHCI’19.

Topics covered:
1. How to create a Chatbot using Dialogflow.
2. Discussion on Intents,Entities,Webhooks in Dialogflow.
Hands-on session:
1. Students created an opportunity helper chatbot(to assist people, spread awareness on a particular opportunity).
2. Trying and testing the Chatbot at various platforms.The students got an exposure to dialogflow from this workshop, and were able to deploy their own chatbot. The workshop proved to be very informative and motivating for the attendees and hence, concluded successfully.