Space Week Quiz

Space Odyssey started its pioneer journey with an exciting quiz for all space enthusiasts in TKM. The quiz was held on 1st October and was conducted by IEEE SB TKMCE in association with TKMCE quiz club as part of space week.

A total of 16 teams (2 members per team) participated in the quiz which was held in the architecture seminar hall. Salman Ali of EC department hosted the quiz. The quiz consisted of quality set of questions, unique ideas and had a format to suit the theme. The quiz tested the knowledge on almost every dimension of space. The host Salman did a good job to make the program appealing and entertaining to all the participants. All the teams performed well. At the end of 3 rounds the team consisting of Akshay Reji and Sarath bagged the first place and the team consisting of Sanjana and Shyam bagged the second place. Overall this journey to space was a remarkable one.

Space Quiz ongoing