About Us

TKM College of Engineering

Set in a lush green backdrop amidst the sprawling backwaters of Kollam stands TKMCE – an amazing structure with its monumental accents- domes, minarets, et al intricate in both style and design. An elite institution, noted to be the best in the state, imparting to its students the ability to dream and excel with innovation. An institution that is the alma mater of every successful person in India and the first pits top of a top-notch company. It stands, to date, like a pearl in the ocean of technical education and basks in the glory of providing true engineers to the global fraternity.

IEEE Student Branch TKMCE

IEEE, a nonprofit organization is the world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology through its 400,000 members including 100,000 student members in more than 160 countries. IEEE is the ‘trusted voice’ for engineering, computing and technology information around the globe. TKM College of Engineering has stood as a symbol of excellence in engineering education for the past five decades and had the last five years brimming with IEEE Student Branch activities of all kinds ranging from technical to managerial adventure to entertainment. The IEEE SB of TKMCE was formed on 22nd November, 1986. It is the largest SB with more than 115 new members for the year 2013. We won the Region10 Exemplary Student Branch Award for the third best SB in the Asia Pacific Region. We celebrated the Silver Jubilee of establishment in the year 2010. We have an active PES, RAS, CS and IAS chapters, WIE affinity group, and a special interest group SIGHT.


To reach the benefits of the great organization to the society and to contribute to the technical centric approach.


    To provide a platform for the members to
  • Expand the horizon of their knowledge.
  • Exercise and adopt their knowledge for the common good.
  • Develop their managerial and organizational skills
  • Celebrate the spirit of working together
  • mplement willful contributions, be it technical or non- technical
  • Discern,follow and help follow the code of ethics